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Drive Test

Every good RF design, after its implantation should be evaluated. There are few ways to do this, for example through analysis of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) or through prediction tools and signal interference. Other very common and efficient way to evaluate the network is conducting a Drive Test. But what is it?

The name is intuitive: take a drive test. The Drive Test is a test performed in cellular networks regardless of technology (GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, etc. ...). Means collecting data on vehicle movement. Its variation has also intutive: Walk Test, ie, collect data by walking areas of interest.

The analysis of drive test are fundamental for the work of any professional in the field of IT and Telecom comprising two phases: data collection and data analysis.

Although through the analysis of KPI's we can identify problems such as dropped calls, among others, the drive tests allow a deeper analysis in field. Identifying areas of each sector of coverage, interference, evaluation of network changes and various other parameters.

Then let's know more about this technique, and know what we can do with it?

Drive Test, as already mentioned, is the procedure to perform a test while driving. The vehicle does not really matter, you can do a drive test using a motorcycle or bicycle. What matters is the hardware and software used in the test.

A notebook - or other similar device
with collecting Software installed
a Security Key - Dongle - common to these types of software
at least one Mobile Phone
one GPS
a Scanner – optional

Also is common the use of adapters and / or hubs that allow the correct interconnection of all equipment.

Analyses made through the information of data collected in the field represent a true picture of network conditions, and can be used in decision making in several areas, from planning and design through optimization and maintenance of the system, always with the goal of maximizing Quality, Capacity and Coverage in the Network.

Qualified, Accredited and Certified for your peace of mind.

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