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BTS Installation And Commissioning

Sourabh Industries has attained significant expertise in Base Transreceiver System (BTS)-Installation & Commissioning Service.

BTS Installation as per layout plan.
Battery Bank installation, interconnection & cabling of BTS.
Rectifier Rack/ SMPS installation.
PCM routing and kroning, alarm cable routine.
ECB, IGB, EMP installation & earthing.
FEP cutting, finishing, sealing, jumper routine, connectorisation and termination.
Indoor cable tray installation.
Labeling of all the cables and jumpers as per customer standard.
Horizontal cable tray fitting, pendulum support installation and grouting.
Antenna fixtures installation.
Antenna installation & alignment.
Feeder routine, Earthing, weather proofing & labeling

Pix Alarm wiring to be done with termination of alarm points on the krone DDF.
Termination & Testing of all external alarms on the Krone DDF.
NMS Cable termination as per requirement.
VSWR test of antennas using site master test equipment.
Frequency calibrations through freq counter equipment.
Cross connection through Far end at bypassing.
Power Calibration & Power measurement through Digital Power Meter
Call & Sector swapping testing using Net Monitor Software by cell phone.

Qualified, Accredited and Certified for your peace of mind.

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